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Recording devices

I strongly urge you to record your voice lessons. Not only will you be able to review your lesson at home, work along taped vocalises and listen to your vocal development, but it has also been proven to accelerate the development of your vocal technique.

Traditional tape recorders are acceptable, but the sound quality is extremely limited. Far better are mini disc or other digital recorders, which can also be used to record demos, recitals etc., since their recording quality is extremely high. You can also upload files to your computer (Mac users need to check on compatibility!) and create mp3's, CD's etc. Prices range from around $100 - $350. I think it is worth investing in a good recorder.

Not ANY digital voice recorder works well for voice lessons! Regular ones that are fine in the office environment might not reproduce a good enough sound of the singing voice but rather create distortion.

Popular Digital Recorders

I personally prefer Mini Disc Recorder, because the recording quality for music is excellent, and you can also use them as mp3 players. The files can be uploaded in WAV format to PC (and Mac with the model shown below). If you decide to get one of these, you will need to make sure it has a recording function and a microphone jacket. Depending on the model you buy, you might need to get a Microphone (I recommend Sony ECM MS907 or Sony ECM-DS70P). The model shown below actually includes one in the package.


My tip: MiniDisc is being discontinued. Get one as soon as you can and stock up on discs. You can always reuse discs after uploading files to the computer and/or deleting them.

Sony Hmd1Gl High-Capacity Mini Disc 




Music Scores

You can find almost any German Lied, Art Song or Opera Aria on CD Sheet Music, which you can simply print out from your computer. It is an incredible deal. Find it here:


Buy standard
student repertoire online

Aria and Song Texts and Translations

Useful websites

Free Online dictionary

Complete Song Texts with IPA
Three Three Line Phoentic Translation System and word by word translations. Check it out at the library or follow this link.

Nico Castel's
Complete Libretti Series
utilizing the Leyerle Three Three Line Phoentic Translation System and word by word translations. Check it out at the library or follow this link.

Word by Word Translations of Songs and Arias by Berton Coffin


Practical Vocabulary of Music
Musical terms side-by-side in four languages: English, German, French and Italian. In my opinion, it is the best music dictionary for all musicians.


Germany - Language and Info

German Language Training
Online Audio and Video Podcasts

About Singing in Germany




Performance Training &
Career Development


How to write your resume

Booking your own concerts

Read the article featuring my essay in the Juilliard Journal here .

Suggested Reading

"Making Music in Looking Glass Land : A Guide to Survival and Business Skills for the Classical Performer" (4th edition) 
by Ellen Highstein

"Acting for Singers: Creating believable Characters"
by David F. Ostwald


"Mastering the Art of Performance:
A Primer for Musicians"
by Stewart Gordon


"Fight Your Fear and Win: Seven Skills for Performing Your Best Under Pressure--At Work, In Sports, On Stage" by Don Dr Greene


Summer/Young Artist Programs

Click here for a directory at Classical Singer Magazine's website

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