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Listening to German Podcasts on the Internet

Audio on the Web is nothing new. However, Podcasting is a new way of approaching online audio and video. And it really seems to be a good thing for language-learners. The term podcast is a play on words that mixes "broadcast" and "iPod" to come up with podcast. A podcast is a lot like a radio broadcast, but with some crucial differences. First of all, a podcaster doesn't need a real radio station. Anyone with basic recording and computer skills can produce a podcast. Second, unlike radio, you can listen to a podcast at any time and in any place. You can click on a podcast and listen to it immediately (just like streaming audio), or you can save it to your computer (and/or iPod) for later.

Some podcasts require a free subscription and/or special podcast software (i.e., iTunes, iPodder, Podcatcher, etc.), but most podcasts can be heard using a normal Web browser set up for MP3 or Flash audio. The advantage of subscribing is that you'll get your chosen podcast on a regular basis, just like a newsletter. A lot of the podcasting software and services are free. You don't have to pay for anything unless you want to. The free iTunes software from Apple (for Mac or Windows) has support for podcasts and is perhaps the easiest way to subscribe to podcasts in German or other languages.

Below are a couple of links to German podcasts.
You can find more at: or through iTunes.


Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten
(News slowly spoken-for German language students)

More audio and other info:
Deutsche Welle Website

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About Germany

Slow German

Annik Rubens from Munich talks about German Culture and things typical German, This a great podcast for people studying German from the most listened to podcaster in Germany. Annik makes it fun, interesting and easy. Slow German is exactly what it sounds like.  While listening you can read along the featured texts on her website or even on the iPod by clicking its center wheel three times.

A video podacst about German culture and events in Germany and Europe
(Advanced German)

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Culture & Music

Ein Kontrabass spielt (selten) allein

A double-bass player who played 45 years under Herbert von Karajan with the Berlin Philharmonic talks about his unusual experiences.

Website| RSS feed


Pop Culture

Schlaflos in München

Every Monday, Annik Rubens talks about a whole variety of topics, incl. her daily life, current events, books, movies, etc. and she interviews people from different backgrounds.

|RSS feed


Every week, Oliver und Andreas talk about pop culture, new games, music, movies and anything else that is entertaining.
| RSS feed

Chicks on tour

Two singers from Munich talk about their their live between gigs, tour bus and studio. Featuring Bavarian vocabulary.
| RSS feed


From Gütersloh, Germany, Norman talks about culture, events, music and a lot more. Also featuring music.
Website | RSS feed

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Learning German Language and Grammar

German GrammarPod

Laura from London is doing a fantastic job explaining German grammar from a non-native speaker’s standpoint. “ I learnt German at school and hated it - no one wanted to explain the structures to me. Fortunately, I ended up doing my gap year in Germany, learning German in classes for foreigners, and then I ended up studying German at university. And finally, people wanted to teach me grammar. And I was lucky, I get grammar, it stuck in my head, and I graduated with a first class degree with distinction in the spoken and written language. Since then, I've worked as a translation checker, and now have a job where I get to translate financial documents. I'm making the German GrammarPod, to try and pass on the love and understanding of grammar.”
Website | RSS feed

My Daily Phrase German


German Word Daily

Might be useful, but it’s a little “dry” for my taste.

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Fairy Tales read in German

Der Märchenpodcast



GEO Travel magayine podcast (Advanced German)
Every Thursday, Maike Dugaro und Mathias Unger present a podcast about travels. They talk about recent travel experiences and present tips for your own travel plans. Almost every week, they also feature a little audio diary from one of their reporters.


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German Video on The Internet


Tagesschau - German News

German Website
English Website

Der Spiegel
Germany's highly regarded news magazine, also featuring video stories and an English language website.

German website
English website


TV Programs:

Art and culture channel, featuring music and opera programs.



TV Series “Lindenstrasse” (Germany's most popular TV series, running since 1985)


(You can find more German podcast at: or through iTunes)

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